Hello, my name is Floss and I'm at the helm of Mouse Sails where I upcycle and repair sails and canvas into a new life on the Isle of Anglesey.

Self employment is great and I wake up most mornings excited to get to the loft, save some retired sails from going into landfill and making them into new products. I love the variety of what I do and no two products are the same. They're all different designs, made out of a variety of fabrics, each one with different marks and features from their previous life. Repurposing and recycling is an important part of the Mouse Sails ethos, helping the environment and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.
I also love to get out on the water myself sailing and windsurfing so to be able to have my work linked to my hobbies is a match made in heaven!

I spent my childhood in and around the loft, which was set up in the late 1980’s by my parents, who still help with my business today. Originally Mouse Sails made sails for windsurfers, then later progressed into cruising and racing yacht sails. Growing up on sunny days and summer holidays I was always outside exploring, looking for shells or sea glass on the beach and on rainy days and in winter I would make a den in the corner of the loft, be given scraps of canvas and sail cloth to make something with.

After a few different jobs in hospitality, when my Dad retired, it was suddenly obvious to me that I took over the loft. I still repair a few smaller sails, and take on some bespoke canvas work projects but spend most of my time giving old sails a new lease of life.